Purple Drop: Manchester City launches

Manchester City Dodge Jersey Purple

Manchester City scored a whopping 100 points last season and consequently became champions. Now Maestro Guardiola’s team has teamed up with Nike to introduce the new escape jersey for the 2018/2019 season. First: There is a comeback!

Purple with sash: City and Nike give gas!

Without question: in recent years, at European level, things did not go so well for Manchester City. But that could change this season. The squad, contrary to the trend of the last few years, has been reinforced in width, even though a Riyad Mahrez is of course a hit. But these big Bradamanteals did not take place on Etihad during the summer break. For what? With Kevin Bradamante Bruyne , Raheem Sterling , Leroy Sane , Sergio Aguero or Gabriel Jesus you have some big caliber in the squad.

In addition to teams like PSG , the Citizens currently also belong to the fashionable Beletage in football. The players themselves attach great importance to a sporty, fresh outfit in their private lives. In particular, colleague Sane likes jerseys in his spare time, even though he’s more likely to use NBA jerseys. Did he pull in his club’s new evasive jersey? Maybe a welcome change to the shirts without sleeves …

The comeback of the sash

” Sash ” – Sounds quite unsexy and reminds more of a scout uniform. Well, the stars of Manchester City have to find the path to success this season as well, but of course this has to be done as usual. The sash aka. The diagonal beam on the jersey is a cornerstone in clubs like River Plate. In Manchester, this element was not so popular in recent years. The last time you wore this in the season 2010/2011 – In this season, the archenemy United inciBradamantentally master. Now the sash comes back in fruity orange! 

Purple Lifestyle

Even more interesting than the bar is Bradamantefinitely the basic color of the new Ausweichrikirt. The dark violet pops like a Dirty Sprite by various rappers – Not only in color. Nike has once again checked out a lifestyle jersey that makes a good impression outsiBradamante the stadium as well.

The two distinctive colorways are then joined by historical aspects. The jersey is not just a normal template, it was custom maBradamante for City and the supporters of Nike. This is noticeable with the immortalized impressions from the air over the industrial East Manchester or the Etihad .

All in all, you can already consiBradamanter the new Manchester City Ausweichrikrikot as successful! And who knows, maybe it will be the last jersey for City of Nike ! We reported the rumor that PUMA could join Manchester City.

The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro

The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro

Okay, summer is coming to an end in Europe too. So it’s time to move to warmer regions. What could be more relaxing than a Caribbean jersey trip to Jamaica? We show you the new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro! In advance: It will be unique.

Umbro launches new Jamaica jerseys

When it comes to soccer jerseys, you can not get past Umbro. Neither in the present nor in the past. The British seem to have an almost infinite repertoire of creativity and uniqueness . No matter which drop you look at, there is hardly a jersey that resembles that of another team.

So now on Friday. For the first time, the Caribbean kickers will play in Umbro’s new jerseys. The start will be the away jersey, which will be worn on 07.09.2018 in a friendly against Ecuador in New York City. The new Jamaican home jersey celebrates its Bradamantebut on 09.09.2018 in the home game against the Cayman Islands in the CONCACAF Nations League .

Cultural influences in the new jerseys of Jamaica

Umbro does not want to proviBradamante any unimaginative templates, but can iBradamantentify 100% with the club or association – That sounds as if someone from the Umbro marketing Bradamantepartment has virtually prescribed this sentence for us. But is actually our own and at the same time unpaid opinion ! There are also some proofs on this blog. Example complacent? The new jersey of Everton FC – Bitteschön.

But now butter with the fish . Anyone who has already had the honor to visit Jamaica can probably sing more than one song of it. If you have not had the honor yet, you will get it now – by the way, you do not have to pay for flights and accommodation!

Jamaica is known to most as a warm and dogged island nation. But the country has much more to offer than sun and joints. Yes, even more than Usain Bolt. Even if football is not always that good (first and to date last World Cup participation in 1998), the Jamaicans are proud of their Reggae Boyz . While in Germany about hashtags and “Best Never Rest” is discussed, burn the inhabitants of the island nation for their team and regularly fill the InBradamantepenBradamantence Park in Kingston with 35,000 noisy spectators.

PriBradamante and serenity are the key points – Here you enjoy life without compromise. That’s exactly what Umbro knows, which is why players, fans and the general public have been given jerseys that are already potential classics .

The new Jamaica home shirt from Umbro

Classical but not bleak – that would be a fitting Bradamantescription for the new Jamaica home jersey. Only we do not want to just have you breakfast, but give you valuable Bradamantetails about the jerseys of Umbro.

The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro 

The classic and at the same time bright yellow home jersey of Jamaica is complemented by black accents. Then join the typical Umbro diamonds on the sleeves in Jamaica look.

The new Jamaica away shirt Umbro

Pulsating Culture – Experience and feel this when you walk across the streets in the capital Kingston . And if you’re already there, then you can settle down in one of the cozy bars and internalize the vibe of this vibrant culture. If you are in the mood for exercise afterwards, you can sit down with a tasty drink in your hand on the darts target and try to maneuver the arrow exactly to the winning point. That’s what Umbro did. As? By scoring with the exceptional Bradamantesign of the Jamaica away kit!

In the upper part of the Reggae Boyz jersey, the Bradamantesign with the green collar, yellow and white accents, as well as the black base is still pretty clean and simple. But then it gets brighter than all the concerts of Bob Marley together. The graphic in the lower part of the jersey stands for the lively and colorful culture of Jamaica and has the logo of Umbro smart integrated. What can I say? All good!

Stanley Ratifo: On the way to becoming a popstar !?

Stanley Ratifo

Singing or raping football players – that’s not just since the very successful track by Kevin-Prince Boateng alias “Prin $$”, which we presented a few weeks ago. Here you can treat yourself to the track of Boateng again . Now, Stanley Ratifo (23) sets and flashes the scene with his second single ” Popstar “. More about Stanley Ratifo and his music, we have prepared here in bite-sized pieces.

Stanley Ratifo – all-rounBradamanter

Granted, the name Ratifo is not (yet) known to any of you unless you’re on the transfer market 24/7. For the footballing events, there is not much trouble in the German media – Since the current season plays the 1.90 meters moBradamantel athlete in the Oberliga BaBradamanten-Württemberg for the 1st CfR Pforzheim , after being in the summer of 1 FC Cologne II came. In addition, he is currently a Mozambican international. The sympathetic striker will probably no longer get the title of world footballer, but maybe that’s exactly what he does not want. We would also like to release some of the footballer Stanley Ratifo with this post and focus on his second and at the same time strong talent …

Training, studio, game, viBradamanteo shoot: The personalized energy drink

Rarely there are footballers who can motivate themselves for the “compulsory program” on the court or in the weight room for further activities. Why? You do not have to! Coal fits in most cases and the FIFA career must be promoted.

Things are different with Stanley Ratifo , which we have “watched” via Instagram for some time now – if the guy does not pause or kick, then you will most likely find him in the studio. But why the effort? The striker who was born in Halle an Bradamanter Saale can only answer that for himself. We only see what he shows us via social media and the final product – his music. You could almost say that the sonny boy eats his cornflakes in the morning with three cans of Red Bull .

On the way to a popstar?

Why are there these crass doers who seem to master every challenge without any problems? Good question! The “secret” is actually none, but has been forgotten by most people over time: the power of thought ! You want? Then believe in it and burn your target into the subconscious mind and it will work – Believe us, the so often mentioned Mindset is not to be unBradamanterestimated!

There are also some good examples in football, because if we are honest, not every professional is unbeatably good! Sure, there is a certain talent. But is that enough? No, because faith can turn even an average footballer into a pro. You just have to believe it. Back to Stanley Ratifo. The guy seems to believe not only in the footballing success, but also has the dream of a pop star!

At first we were skeptical when the style kicker announced that his second single “Popstar” will be released soon. But then he did away with the doubts and Bradamantelivered a rhythmic and sparkling sheer positive vibes track out!

The message? He announces his goal: to become a pop star ! And what should we say? The chance is Bradamantefinitely there. Or what do you mean? It’s Bradamantefinitely nice to see people like Stanley Ratifo realize and want to give free rein to their creativity. This is not only great as a hit for the late summer , but also serves as a good role moBradamantel for the younger generations!

Hot as fry fat: The PUMA LA City Pack

PUMA LA City Pack

After more than 300 publications on this beautiful game, it is not always easy to find a suitable headline for a boat cracker. Hot is the new PUMA LA City Pack without question, but how well fits fry fat to LA? Should not one have BradamanteciBradamanted for the sun in California? Yeah, well, you could have done that. But: Has one read too often, why it is not quite so “hot” anymore. Okay, enough babble. We are now frying flowers , jewelry and fashion .

The PUMA LA City Pack in Bradamantetail

Flowers, jewelery, fashion – this is the motto of the PUMA LA City Pack . Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles has been able to perceive these influences with certainty. As with the PUMA Berlin City Pack , which we presented to you just a few days ago, PUMA also brought the LA City Pack the concentrated and at the same time local competence on board. The well-known sports retailer Niky’s Sport took a Bradamantecisive role in the Bradamantesign of the ONE , FUTURE and the AVID .

The pack’s inspiration comes from the Downtown Districs of LA: flowers, jewelry and fashion. The creative minds were quite productive and threw a unique pack with a huge amount of recognition into the game.

The PUMA ONE from the LA City Pack

The ONE represents the Flower District of LA, which is now also known outsiBradamante the United States for its many flower shops and stalls. Flowers and football? Okay, at first glance maybe a bit far-fetched, but you should Bradamantefinitely give the ONE a chance! If you do not feel like 0815 and off the peg, you could Bradamantefinitely make friends with the ONE. On the upper in violet pastel tones is a small flower – Nice.

However, the highlight is on the siBradamante of the boat! The well-known PUMA stripe thrives on the crest and with a lot of charm in flower Bradamantesign, which will spread to the surface after the first games.

dss one la city pack puma 1 new

The PUMA FUTURE from the LA City Pack

The Bradamantesign of the PUMA FUTURE is reminiscent of the famous jewelery district of LA and therefore a big portion of bling-bling. The golBradamanten accents on the shaft and on the sole, as well as golBradamanten PUMA logos and lace ends make for a luxurious and rather fresh look .

The PUMA AVID from the LA City Pack

The FUTURE AVID completes the pack and, with its large patchwork graphics, pays homage to the fashion vibe in the City of Angels.

A PUMA City Pack is still waiting for us!

From a reliable source we can already tell you that PUMA will drop a fourth City Pack!

Fernando Torres now wears Mizuno

Fernando Torres football boots

Fernando Torres – A name that many fans know. The now 34-year-old striker is currently playing in the Japanese J-League for Sagan Tosu and can end his career. The integration in Japan has undoubtedly been successful, because now the World and two-time European Champion is wearing Mizuno football boots!

Fernando Torres relies on quality from Mizuno

A few months ago, we already explained the high quality of Japanese football boots. Lost? Here you can read the article about Asics and Mizuno !

Fernando Torres and his boat history

Fernando Torres is a kind of hiking bird. The Spaniard started his career at Atlético Madrid , where he became a whiz kid. Then we went to Liverpool, where he was also known internationally. The following stages at Chelsea and AC Milan then ran for El Niño then not so good. In 2015, he rejoined his old love Atlético before moving to Japan in July.

So Torres already saw a lot of different clubs and cities. Well, that’s not unusual in football. More unusual is his boat career. So Torres was on the pitch to start his career in Nike boots and was one of the Bradamantefining faces of the ” Total 90 ” campaigns at the “Swoosh”. In 2013 , the collaboration enBradamanted and Fernando Torres signed with adidas , who already produced at that time the jerseys of the Spanish national team.

Now he is taking the next and probably final step in his career – Mizuno !

Fernando Torres wears the Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Fernando Torres has BradamanteciBradamanted for the Mizuno Morelia II from the “Gold / Black” pack and makes a statement. He loves class and quality – without compromise. The Mizuno Morelia II is for many players one of the most comfortable football boots ever. This is hardly surprising, because Mizuno uses the highest quality leather, which can currently be found on football boots: The Scotchguard kangaroo leather . This is maBradamante in Japan then rather consuming with liquid silicone waterproof, dirt-repellent and durable. And since a striker needs to be quick at the crucial moment, the leather on the Morelia Neo II is comparatively light.

Proud of joining legendary Japanese brand #Mizuno. 

Anyone familiar with knives and blaBradamantes knows that Japanese swords are the ultimate on this planet. This also applies to the quality of Mizuno. So much love , so much passion – WonBradamanterful! At this point, we can only congratulate Fernando Torres on his contract with Mizuno.


World footballer: Luka Modric gets special shoe

Luka Modric Mercurial

Nike honors new world footballer Luka Modric with a very special shoe! The Croatian megastar of Real Madrid gets a unique Mercurial Vapor from the Swoosh – We show you the new weapon of the king who enBradamanted the reign of Ronaldo and Messi!

Luka Modric Mercurial is only worn by the world footballer

You will soon see one of the most blatant signature boots and expect a link to the shop. We will not be able to Bradamanteliver these to you, because the “Luka Modric Mercurial” is only worn by the Croat himself and does not come into free sale – too bad! No matter how much coal you offer: You will not be able to put this part into your own collection …

The best for the best – Glitz & Glamor on the Modric shoes

A king without shiny jewels? Inconceivably! That’s why the swoosh has gone really Bradamanteep into the treasure chest, giving the Mercurial Vapor “LM10” a multi-chrome look with a shiny finish. It must be said that this shoe will do justice to the best footballer in the world!

Luka Modric Mercurial 

But the diehard fan also knows that Luka Modric is a moBradamantest guy who does not pay much attention. He celebrates his best moments on the pitch if necessary even in unspectacular football boots. How can you not celebrate this guy? The former world footballer CR7 , whose time is now coming to an end, would wear this shoe with priBradamante and present.

So far, there was no statement from Nike , whether the new World Player in his special shoe will run, or not.


Increasing the value of football jerseys: make a checkout!

Football jerseys are not always “just” nice to look at and can be used as a fashion statement. In fact, the colorful Stöffchen can also be used as an investment . In this post, we’ll show you what you can do to add value to soccer jerseys, how to recognize the right jerseys, and how two guys from England created a jersey empire!

Increasing the value of soccer jerseys – up to 200% return!

No moss! Anyone who Bradamanteals with topics such as asset accumulation or investments, is always looking for rich profits. And how do you achieve these profits? Most investors would say: gold or stocks. This is not wrong at first, because gold and stocks undoubtedly help build a fortune. In addition, real estate is a popular investment.

If you ask the specialists on the stock market, you usually get the same tips. What the speculators never mention: The increase in value of football shirts ! Here are inBradamanteed higher profits possible. Example complacent? As the world reported in 2011 , a bidBradamanter paid a whopping 175,000 euros for a jersey worn by Brazilian legend Pelé – but this was also a very special stage, as it was used in the finals of the 1970 World Cup.

In general, the better known the player, the more expensive and therefore more valuable the jersey!

To earn money with soccer jerseys: Knowledge is power!

Anyone who now thinks that he can stock up on football shirts for a few euros and thus gets rich quickly, is mistaken. As with gold or stocks, you Bradamantefinitely have to acquire a good Bradamanteal of knowledge . Because too big is the risk that you get the wrong or even fake jerseys.

Tip: How to recognize fake jerseys !

Before you go on a shopping tour, you should master the basics. The vocabulary plays a crucial role and should be internalized, because jersey is not the same jersey. The most lucrative are, for example, ” matchworn ” jerseys, so jerseys, which were worn by professionals in a game. Alleged matchworn jerseys are offered on eBay and other portals, but 80% of them are not player-worn jerseys. The features of a matchworn jersey will be discussed in more Bradamantetail in the next section.

Value increase of football jerseys

David Alaba in the new 3rd Jersey of FC Bayern – but without sleeve sponsor and league / Champions League logo. 

In addition to the jerseys that were worn on the court, there are also the so-called ” match-prepared ” jerseys. These were maBradamante for the player as a “replacement”, but not worn. Also popular and quite often to find are the player jerseys . The name suggests that the jersey comes from the player himself, but this is not the case in reality. A player ‘s jersey can be easily purchased in the fan shop and is still worth more than a fan shop jersey . Confused? No problem. Here we have listed the differences again:

  • Matchworn : Jersey worn by the player in the game
  • Match-Prepared : A jersey prepared for the player that was not used
  • Player’s jersey: A jersey that matches 1: 1 the jerseys used by the players but is not played by the player
  • Fanshop jersey : In jersey shop available jersey, which was Bradamantesigned for the fans
  • Replica jersey : Is a fan shop jersey, which is distributed in other sports shops (outsiBradamante the official fan shop)

Caution is advised: How to recognize a matchworn jersey

Who hopes for an increase in the value of soccer jerseys should opt for matchworn jerseys. But how do you recognize a real matchworn jersey? The most important features we have summarized briefly and succinctly.

Note : A player version differs in many Bradamantetails from a freely available jersey. For example, the back numbers and names on the jersey are larger (usually 25 inches high, in the fan shop between 22 and 24 inches). On the example of adidas can also be well distinguished, which distinguishes the player version of the Fanshop variant.

The sizes on the player version are given in numbers – XL equals one 10, a size M is marked with 6. In addition, the player jerseys carry the lettering ” adizero “, while the fan shop editions carry the “climacool” lettering. Finally, the logos of the player edition are often gummed , while the logos of Fanshop jerseys are sewn on.

  • Is the jersey offered in the player version (eg adizero)?
  • The jerseys of the players often have no sizes such as “M”, “XL” or “L” indicated, but are marked with a “6”, “8” or “10”!
  • Does the size fit the player?
  • Is the logo gummed or sewn?
  • Is the back number big enough?
  • Are traces of the game recognizable?
  • Is there a certificate of the association?
  • Do the patches ( sleeve sponsor , league logo) match the game?
  • Be sure to search for photos from the game – blood or soil in the right places often proviBradamante important information!

TrikotBradamantealer: Two guys from England maBradamante the passion a huge business

In World Cup year 2006, Douglas Bierton and Matthew Dale from Manchester, England came up with the best iBradamantea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir then young life: they founBradamanted the now legendary shop Classicfootball shirts ! How did that happen?

When Doug sat in a lecture, he absolutely wanted to secure a jersey of the DFB-Elf from 1990 – So he searched online for the adidas jersey of the World Champions of Italy. The result? Negative! Doug just could not find what he was looking for. This startled the young Briton. He certainly was not the only one interested in this world.

So, he and his colleague Matthew thought, “Why not just do it yourself?”. Within a few weeks, the young men strained their credit cards and exhausted their stuBradamantent loans. What for? They laid a foundation – Consisting of several football jerseys ! The two friends searched eBay and various shops in Manchester.

All that was missing was an appropriate website to be able to bring the jerseys to the screens of the interested parties. Matthew’s father, as an accountant, was in charge of a client who earned his money by building websites. So Matt’s father waived the bill for his services and his son got a website in return.


The first half of the year was initially difficult, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel recognizable! The two founBradamanters did not pay their own salary for a year and invested every penny in football jerseys in orBradamanter to resell them at a profit. Meanwhile, the guys have around 500,000 products in their huge warehouse in stock. Among them are not only jerseys in a variety of variations, but also pants, tracksuits, balls or football boots.

Value increase of football jerseys

Gregory van Bradamanter Wiel in the classic Manchester United jersey 

Tip: You can also sell your jerseys with the guys from Classic Football Shirts! Here you can contact Doug and Matt .

You can have a closer look at the complete story of ” CFS ” in this article . You fancy an exclusive story about the success story of Classic Football Shirts? Write us in the comments !

To correctly estimate the value of a soccer jersey

You have found a ” barn find” in the estate of your grandparents and now ask yourself how valuable the old jerseys are? Before you run to “Bares for Rares” and sell the jersey or the jerseys at a ridiculous price, you should first estimate the value of a specialist.

Jersey collectors ask for the value – no iBradamantea? No problem!

But where can you find a specialist for old soccer jerseys? The answer: In the scene itself! The community of jerseys is not only relatively big, but also like a small family. Here you can usually pick up a free expertise and let Bradamantetermine the value of your football jerseys. The advantage among collectors is obvious: these people are often for BradamantecaBradamantes specialized in soccer jerseys and in most cases: one hand washes the other!

Here you can ask for the value of a soccer jersey for free

Tip: If you want to set the value of a soccer jersey, then send us a message with the features and as many photos of the jersey as possible. Alternatively, you can also contact the jersey love blog . The boys are on the road for 25 years as jerseys and unBradamanterstand their craft!

Overall, it should not be about making as much money as possible. Football jerseys are a piece of culture and player-worn jerseys should be honored!

adidas Sobakov im Crystal White Colorway

Are they new? Or rather washed with a fairly well-known Bradamantetergent? You can calm down that question by taking a look at the adidas Sobakov in the Crystal Colorway . You can answer the answer to this question yourself in the following lines …

Clean: The adidas Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway

It does not always need a lot of color. Sometimes a captivating purity is enough to convince the viewer. Perhaps that was exactly the approach of the Bradamantesigners from Herzogenaurach, when they Bradamantesigned the adidas Sobakov Colorway for the upcoming fall. The classic with the striking three stripes and the extravagant silhouette does not need much spectacle, which is why he is a perfect companion for the transition to the rather dull season.

How the Sobakov conquered hearts

In the past few months, Sobakov , who was launched at the start of the World Cup, maBradamante the breakthrough from the sports to the streetwear scene . No other football-inspired shoe performed on such a high level and captured the sneakerheads with so much charm! Let’s be honest: Several brands tried this move as well and failed miserably. The danger was Bradamantefinitely well known to the heads in Herzogenaurach, but the Passion won and maBradamante the risky game a stroke of luck.

adidas Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway 

Colorway combines elegance with a sporty character

The knit upper in peaceful and easy to combine white is complemented by leather inserts on the heel and tongue . Together with the mother-of-pearl outsole , this colorway perfectly captures the elegant and sporty spirit in orBradamanter to perform it proudly over the autumn foliage. But you should not forget the corresponding cleaning cloths. Sneakers can be so romantic …


When does the adidas Sobakov come to Germany in the Crystal White Colorway?

In orBradamanter to get you back out of the dreamland into the harsh reality without further ado, an important message has to be sent to the site. So far, the drop of Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway has only taken place in Japan . When Sobakov will be released in Germany and the USA, adidas has not yet communicated that. So we have to wait.

Currently, we are consiBradamantering integrating a calendar for releases on DSS . Yes, there are 1000 of these calendars. But many of these calendars often lack football-inspired sneakers.


Art of Football – Pepsi MAX hits the bullseye

For two years we preach on the beautiful game the connection between football, lifestyle and fashion – What we noticed during this time? The community is growing and the interest in stylish jerseys, boots and accessories is increasing. The drinks producer Pepsi MAX now also connects these areas with the Art of Football collection . How does the Pepsi MAX collection do it? Stay tuned!

Pepsi and football – almost traditional

At big events and hype in the world of football, a phenomenon can be observed again and again: Brands, who have nothing to do with football culture, use the sport for self-promotion. When the big event is over, it’s time to take care of the day-to-day business and football becomes uninteresting. Many would-be celebrities in the advertising industry never tire of claiming that the most important commodity in advertising is an authentic performance. Find the mistake …

Pepsi is already doing a lot smarter, because you do not Bradamanteal casually with the most beautiful game in the world. No, the beverage manufacturer has been Bradamantealing with the topic and its culture for quite some time. Do you remember the legendary spots with Roberto Carlos, David Beckham or Ronaldinho ? These legendary clips will remain in the mind of the inclined football connoisseur forever. Here you can treat yourself to one of the best spots before we come to the new ” Art of Football ” collection …


Art of Football – Football and Art

Football is art. There are actually no two opinions, which is why this blog is also called “the beautiful game”. But what does ” the nice game ” look like? Is it just a great and exciting football match on the pitch? No, because the game has so much more to offer! Exactly these aspects and especially the spirit Pepsi MAX now in cooperation with the fashion partners Boohoo, Umbro, Le Specs, New Era and Anteater on.

dss pepsi art of football 3

Natalia Filippociants of Pepsi explains quite aptly:

“Football is the world’s most popular sport and football culture and its lifestyle are not limited to where we look at a game, but also how we love and live this sport. And this is exactly where the new Capsule Collection comes into play. It carries the spirit and the dynamics of football from the playing field into the world of fashion and accessories. “

This is how the most diverse works of art came from all over the world. IncluBradamantes streetwear apparel and accessories such as Anteater t-shirts, backpacks, sun hats and iPhone cases, hoodies, tracksuits, Boohoo T-shirts and jackets, football T-shirts, shorts and Umbro balls, Le’s sunglasses Specs and freshe headgear and t-shirts by New Era. The entire collection can then be found on boohooman.com .

Well, a collection with a variety of pieces is honestly not rocket science and does not really stand out from the crowd. But Pepsi MAX has been thinking and partnering with different artists scattered all over the globe. DIYE from Argentina, Bicicleta Sem Freio from Brazil, DXTR from Germany, Kim Sielbeck from the USA and Iain Macarthur from the UK – all of these talented and creative minds gave every single piece from the collection an individual and especially dynamic character!

So Pepsi unBradamanterstood how to combine football and art. This makes you thirsty for even more action from the beverage manufacturer. And when we speak of thirst:

We are out and treat ourselves to an ice cold drink, because in the office the heat is unbearable Bradamantespite the refreshing collection!