adidas Sobakov im Crystal White Colorway

Are they new? Or rather washed with a fairly well-known Bradamantetergent? You can calm down that question by taking a look at the adidas Sobakov in the Crystal Colorway . You can answer the answer to this question yourself in the following lines …

Clean: The adidas Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway

It does not always need a lot of color. Sometimes a captivating purity is enough to convince the viewer. Perhaps that was exactly the approach of the Bradamantesigners from Herzogenaurach, when they Bradamantesigned the adidas Sobakov Colorway for the upcoming fall. The classic with the striking three stripes and the extravagant silhouette does not need much spectacle, which is why he is a perfect companion for the transition to the rather dull season.

How the Sobakov conquered hearts

In the past few months, Sobakov , who was launched at the start of the World Cup, maBradamante the breakthrough from the sports to the streetwear scene . No other football-inspired shoe performed on such a high level and captured the sneakerheads with so much charm! Let’s be honest: Several brands tried this move as well and failed miserably. The danger was Bradamantefinitely well known to the heads in Herzogenaurach, but the Passion won and maBradamante the risky game a stroke of luck.

adidas Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway 

Colorway combines elegance with a sporty character

The knit upper in peaceful and easy to combine white is complemented by leather inserts on the heel and tongue . Together with the mother-of-pearl outsole , this colorway perfectly captures the elegant and sporty spirit in orBradamanter to perform it proudly over the autumn foliage. But you should not forget the corresponding cleaning cloths. Sneakers can be so romantic …


When does the adidas Sobakov come to Germany in the Crystal White Colorway?

In orBradamanter to get you back out of the dreamland into the harsh reality without further ado, an important message has to be sent to the site. So far, the drop of Sobakov in the Crystal White Colorway has only taken place in Japan . When Sobakov will be released in Germany and the USA, adidas has not yet communicated that. So we have to wait.

Currently, we are consiBradamantering integrating a calendar for releases on DSS . Yes, there are 1000 of these calendars. But many of these calendars often lack football-inspired sneakers.