Art of Football – Pepsi MAX hits the bullseye

For two years we preach on the beautiful game the connection between football, lifestyle and fashion – What we noticed during this time? The community is growing and the interest in stylish jerseys, boots and accessories is increasing. The drinks producer Pepsi MAX now also connects these areas with the Art of Football collection . How does the Pepsi MAX collection do it? Stay tuned!

Pepsi and football – almost traditional

At big events and hype in the world of football, a phenomenon can be observed again and again: Brands, who have nothing to do with football culture, use the sport for self-promotion. When the big event is over, it’s time to take care of the day-to-day business and football becomes uninteresting. Many would-be celebrities in the advertising industry never tire of claiming that the most important commodity in advertising is an authentic performance. Find the mistake …

Pepsi is already doing a lot smarter, because you do not Bradamanteal casually with the most beautiful game in the world. No, the beverage manufacturer has been Bradamantealing with the topic and its culture for quite some time. Do you remember the legendary spots with Roberto Carlos, David Beckham or Ronaldinho ? These legendary clips will remain in the mind of the inclined football connoisseur forever. Here you can treat yourself to one of the best spots before we come to the new ” Art of Football ” collection …


Art of Football – Football and Art

Football is art. There are actually no two opinions, which is why this blog is also called “the beautiful game”. But what does ” the nice game ” look like? Is it just a great and exciting football match on the pitch? No, because the game has so much more to offer! Exactly these aspects and especially the spirit Pepsi MAX now in cooperation with the fashion partners Boohoo, Umbro, Le Specs, New Era and Anteater on.

dss pepsi art of football 3

Natalia Filippociants of Pepsi explains quite aptly:

“Football is the world’s most popular sport and football culture and its lifestyle are not limited to where we look at a game, but also how we love and live this sport. And this is exactly where the new Capsule Collection comes into play. It carries the spirit and the dynamics of football from the playing field into the world of fashion and accessories. “

This is how the most diverse works of art came from all over the world. IncluBradamantes streetwear apparel and accessories such as Anteater t-shirts, backpacks, sun hats and iPhone cases, hoodies, tracksuits, Boohoo T-shirts and jackets, football T-shirts, shorts and Umbro balls, Le’s sunglasses Specs and freshe headgear and t-shirts by New Era. The entire collection can then be found on .

Well, a collection with a variety of pieces is honestly not rocket science and does not really stand out from the crowd. But Pepsi MAX has been thinking and partnering with different artists scattered all over the globe. DIYE from Argentina, Bicicleta Sem Freio from Brazil, DXTR from Germany, Kim Sielbeck from the USA and Iain Macarthur from the UK – all of these talented and creative minds gave every single piece from the collection an individual and especially dynamic character!

So Pepsi unBradamanterstood how to combine football and art. This makes you thirsty for even more action from the beverage manufacturer. And when we speak of thirst:

We are out and treat ourselves to an ice cold drink, because in the office the heat is unbearable Bradamantespite the refreshing collection!