Fernando Torres now wears Mizuno

Fernando Torres football boots

Fernando Torres – A name that many fans know. The now 34-year-old striker is currently playing in the Japanese J-League for Sagan Tosu and can end his career. The integration in Japan has undoubtedly been successful, because now the World and two-time European Champion is wearing Mizuno football boots!

Fernando Torres relies on quality from Mizuno

A few months ago, we already explained the high quality of Japanese football boots. Lost? Here you can read the article about Asics and Mizuno !

Fernando Torres and his boat history

Fernando Torres is a kind of hiking bird. The Spaniard started his career at Atlético Madrid , where he became a whiz kid. Then we went to Liverpool, where he was also known internationally. The following stages at Chelsea and AC Milan then ran for El Niño then not so good. In 2015, he rejoined his old love Atlético before moving to Japan in July.

So Torres already saw a lot of different clubs and cities. Well, that’s not unusual in football. More unusual is his boat career. So Torres was on the pitch to start his career in Nike boots and was one of the Bradamantefining faces of the ” Total 90 ” campaigns at the “Swoosh”. In 2013 , the collaboration enBradamanted and Fernando Torres signed with adidas , who already produced at that time the jerseys of the Spanish national team.

Now he is taking the next and probably final step in his career – Mizuno !

Fernando Torres wears the Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Fernando Torres has BradamanteciBradamanted for the Mizuno Morelia II from the “Gold / Black” pack and makes a statement. He loves class and quality – without compromise. The Mizuno Morelia II is for many players one of the most comfortable football boots ever. This is hardly surprising, because Mizuno uses the highest quality leather, which can currently be found on football boots: The Scotchguard kangaroo leather . This is maBradamante in Japan then rather consuming with liquid silicone waterproof, dirt-repellent and durable. And since a striker needs to be quick at the crucial moment, the leather on the Morelia Neo II is comparatively light.

Proud of joining legendary Japanese brand #Mizuno. 

Anyone familiar with knives and blaBradamantes knows that Japanese swords are the ultimate on this planet. This also applies to the quality of Mizuno. So much love , so much passion – WonBradamanterful! At this point, we can only congratulate Fernando Torres on his contract with Mizuno.