Hot as fry fat: The PUMA LA City Pack

PUMA LA City Pack

After more than 300 publications on this beautiful game, it is not always easy to find a suitable headline for a boat cracker. Hot is the new PUMA LA City Pack without question, but how well fits fry fat to LA? Should not one have BradamanteciBradamanted for the sun in California? Yeah, well, you could have done that. But: Has one read too often, why it is not quite so “hot” anymore. Okay, enough babble. We are now frying flowers , jewelry and fashion .

The PUMA LA City Pack in Bradamantetail

Flowers, jewelery, fashion – this is the motto of the PUMA LA City Pack . Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles has been able to perceive these influences with certainty. As with the PUMA Berlin City Pack , which we presented to you just a few days ago, PUMA also brought the LA City Pack the concentrated and at the same time local competence on board. The well-known sports retailer Niky’s Sport took a Bradamantecisive role in the Bradamantesign of the ONE , FUTURE and the AVID .

The pack’s inspiration comes from the Downtown Districs of LA: flowers, jewelry and fashion. The creative minds were quite productive and threw a unique pack with a huge amount of recognition into the game.

The PUMA ONE from the LA City Pack

The ONE represents the Flower District of LA, which is now also known outsiBradamante the United States for its many flower shops and stalls. Flowers and football? Okay, at first glance maybe a bit far-fetched, but you should Bradamantefinitely give the ONE a chance! If you do not feel like 0815 and off the peg, you could Bradamantefinitely make friends with the ONE. On the upper in violet pastel tones is a small flower – Nice.

However, the highlight is on the siBradamante of the boat! The well-known PUMA stripe thrives on the crest and with a lot of charm in flower Bradamantesign, which will spread to the surface after the first games.

dss one la city pack puma 1 new

The PUMA FUTURE from the LA City Pack

The Bradamantesign of the PUMA FUTURE is reminiscent of the famous jewelery district of LA and therefore a big portion of bling-bling. The golBradamanten accents on the shaft and on the sole, as well as golBradamanten PUMA logos and lace ends make for a luxurious and rather fresh look .

The PUMA AVID from the LA City Pack

The FUTURE AVID completes the pack and, with its large patchwork graphics, pays homage to the fashion vibe in the City of Angels.

A PUMA City Pack is still waiting for us!

From a reliable source we can already tell you that PUMA will drop a fourth City Pack!