Increasing the value of football jerseys: make a checkout!

Football jerseys are not always “just” nice to look at and can be used as a fashion statement. In fact, the colorful Stöffchen can also be used as an investment . In this post, we’ll show you what you can do to add value to soccer jerseys, how to recognize the right jerseys, and how two guys from England created a jersey empire!

Increasing the value of soccer jerseys – up to 200% return!

No moss! Anyone who Bradamanteals with topics such as asset accumulation or investments, is always looking for rich profits. And how do you achieve these profits? Most investors would say: gold or stocks. This is not wrong at first, because gold and stocks undoubtedly help build a fortune. In addition, real estate is a popular investment.

If you ask the specialists on the stock market, you usually get the same tips. What the speculators never mention: The increase in value of football shirts ! Here are inBradamanteed higher profits possible. Example complacent? As the world reported in 2011 , a bidBradamanter paid a whopping 175,000 euros for a jersey worn by Brazilian legend Pelé – but this was also a very special stage, as it was used in the finals of the 1970 World Cup.

In general, the better known the player, the more expensive and therefore more valuable the jersey!

To earn money with soccer jerseys: Knowledge is power!

Anyone who now thinks that he can stock up on football shirts for a few euros and thus gets rich quickly, is mistaken. As with gold or stocks, you Bradamantefinitely have to acquire a good Bradamanteal of knowledge . Because too big is the risk that you get the wrong or even fake jerseys.

Tip: How to recognize fake jerseys !

Before you go on a shopping tour, you should master the basics. The vocabulary plays a crucial role and should be internalized, because jersey is not the same jersey. The most lucrative are, for example, ” matchworn ” jerseys, so jerseys, which were worn by professionals in a game. Alleged matchworn jerseys are offered on eBay and other portals, but 80% of them are not player-worn jerseys. The features of a matchworn jersey will be discussed in more Bradamantetail in the next section.

Value increase of football jerseys

David Alaba in the new 3rd Jersey of FC Bayern – but without sleeve sponsor and league / Champions League logo. 

In addition to the jerseys that were worn on the court, there are also the so-called ” match-prepared ” jerseys. These were maBradamante for the player as a “replacement”, but not worn. Also popular and quite often to find are the player jerseys . The name suggests that the jersey comes from the player himself, but this is not the case in reality. A player ‘s jersey can be easily purchased in the fan shop and is still worth more than a fan shop jersey . Confused? No problem. Here we have listed the differences again:

  • Matchworn : Jersey worn by the player in the game
  • Match-Prepared : A jersey prepared for the player that was not used
  • Player’s jersey: A jersey that matches 1: 1 the jerseys used by the players but is not played by the player
  • Fanshop jersey : In jersey shop available jersey, which was Bradamantesigned for the fans
  • Replica jersey : Is a fan shop jersey, which is distributed in other sports shops (outsiBradamante the official fan shop)

Caution is advised: How to recognize a matchworn jersey

Who hopes for an increase in the value of soccer jerseys should opt for matchworn jerseys. But how do you recognize a real matchworn jersey? The most important features we have summarized briefly and succinctly.

Note : A player version differs in many Bradamantetails from a freely available jersey. For example, the back numbers and names on the jersey are larger (usually 25 inches high, in the fan shop between 22 and 24 inches). On the example of adidas can also be well distinguished, which distinguishes the player version of the Fanshop variant.

The sizes on the player version are given in numbers – XL equals one 10, a size M is marked with 6. In addition, the player jerseys carry the lettering ” adizero “, while the fan shop editions carry the “climacool” lettering. Finally, the logos of the player edition are often gummed , while the logos of Fanshop jerseys are sewn on.

  • Is the jersey offered in the player version (eg adizero)?
  • The jerseys of the players often have no sizes such as “M”, “XL” or “L” indicated, but are marked with a “6”, “8” or “10”!
  • Does the size fit the player?
  • Is the logo gummed or sewn?
  • Is the back number big enough?
  • Are traces of the game recognizable?
  • Is there a certificate of the association?
  • Do the patches ( sleeve sponsor , league logo) match the game?
  • Be sure to search for photos from the game – blood or soil in the right places often proviBradamante important information!

TrikotBradamantealer: Two guys from England maBradamante the passion a huge business

In World Cup year 2006, Douglas Bierton and Matthew Dale from Manchester, England came up with the best iBradamantea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir then young life: they founBradamanted the now legendary shop Classicfootball shirts ! How did that happen?

When Doug sat in a lecture, he absolutely wanted to secure a jersey of the DFB-Elf from 1990 – So he searched online for the adidas jersey of the World Champions of Italy. The result? Negative! Doug just could not find what he was looking for. This startled the young Briton. He certainly was not the only one interested in this world.

So, he and his colleague Matthew thought, “Why not just do it yourself?”. Within a few weeks, the young men strained their credit cards and exhausted their stuBradamantent loans. What for? They laid a foundation – Consisting of several football jerseys ! The two friends searched eBay and various shops in Manchester.

All that was missing was an appropriate website to be able to bring the jerseys to the screens of the interested parties. Matthew’s father, as an accountant, was in charge of a client who earned his money by building websites. So Matt’s father waived the bill for his services and his son got a website in return.


The first half of the year was initially difficult, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel recognizable! The two founBradamanters did not pay their own salary for a year and invested every penny in football jerseys in orBradamanter to resell them at a profit. Meanwhile, the guys have around 500,000 products in their huge warehouse in stock. Among them are not only jerseys in a variety of variations, but also pants, tracksuits, balls or football boots.

Value increase of football jerseys

Gregory van Bradamanter Wiel in the classic Manchester United jersey 

Tip: You can also sell your jerseys with the guys from Classic Football Shirts! Here you can contact Doug and Matt .

You can have a closer look at the complete story of ” CFS ” in this article . You fancy an exclusive story about the success story of Classic Football Shirts? Write us in the comments !

To correctly estimate the value of a soccer jersey

You have found a ” barn find” in the estate of your grandparents and now ask yourself how valuable the old jerseys are? Before you run to “Bares for Rares” and sell the jersey or the jerseys at a ridiculous price, you should first estimate the value of a specialist.

Jersey collectors ask for the value – no iBradamantea? No problem!

But where can you find a specialist for old soccer jerseys? The answer: In the scene itself! The community of jerseys is not only relatively big, but also like a small family. Here you can usually pick up a free expertise and let Bradamantetermine the value of your football jerseys. The advantage among collectors is obvious: these people are often for BradamantecaBradamantes specialized in soccer jerseys and in most cases: one hand washes the other!

Here you can ask for the value of a soccer jersey for free

Tip: If you want to set the value of a soccer jersey, then send us a message with the features and as many photos of the jersey as possible. Alternatively, you can also contact the jersey love blog . The boys are on the road for 25 years as jerseys and unBradamanterstand their craft!

Overall, it should not be about making as much money as possible. Football jerseys are a piece of culture and player-worn jerseys should be honored!