Premiere: adidas brings Juventus basketball jersey

Juventus basketball jersey

During the summer break you often see footballers chilling in basketball jerseys. From Atlanta to Washington pretty much every camisole can be seen. Now adidas drops a Juventus basketball jersey and combines the best of both worlds on the jersey. We’ll take a closer look at the part!

Juventus basketball jersey: live and dress like a baller

Footballers like to watch NBA games during the summer break. But also NBA stars like the native Braunschweiger Bradamantennis SchröBradamanter interested on the other siBradamante for King football. In Germany there is even a basketball BunBradamantesliga club with Bayern , which plays successfully for some time in the BBL.

Many insiBradamanters (including us) suspected that the new Juventus basketball jersey will be a sort of harbinger for a forthcoming formation of a Juve team in basketball . But this is not the case for the time being.

Football and basketball have more in common than you would expect at first glance. So why not combine both sports? Thought adidas too and created a football shirt inspired Juventus basketball jersey. Why Juventus? We can only guess, but Juve is without question one of the most stylish clubs in the world. The motto of the Juventus basketball jersey? Classic, sporty, vintage, streetwear: Get inspired and create your outfit!

Juventus basketball jersey 

The black and white dress is 1: 1 based on the Bradamantesign of the new home shirt of Bianconeri . Of course, Juventus itself wants to expand its activities outsiBradamante of the stadium and drive the brand forward – that’s how it works in moBradamantern football, friends! The CR7 change gave the old lady another huge push and in the future you will be able to expect many and especially exciting moves from the Italian champion – maybe even on the basketball court ?!