Purple Drop: Manchester City launches

Manchester City Dodge Jersey Purple

Manchester City scored a whopping 100 points last season and consequently became champions. Now Maestro Guardiola’s team has teamed up with Nike to introduce the new escape jersey for the 2018/2019 season. First: There is a comeback!

Purple with sash: City and Nike give gas!

Without question: in recent years, at European level, things did not go so well for Manchester City. But that could change this season. The squad, contrary to the trend of the last few years, has been reinforced in width, even though a Riyad Mahrez is of course a hit. But these big Bradamanteals did not take place on Etihad during the summer break. For what? With Kevin Bradamante Bruyne , Raheem Sterling , Leroy Sane , Sergio Aguero or Gabriel Jesus you have some big caliber in the squad.

In addition to teams like PSG , the Citizens currently also belong to the fashionable Beletage in football. The players themselves attach great importance to a sporty, fresh outfit in their private lives. In particular, colleague Sane likes jerseys in his spare time, even though he’s more likely to use NBA jerseys. Did he pull in his club’s new evasive jersey? Maybe a welcome change to the shirts without sleeves …

The comeback of the sash

” Sash ” – Sounds quite unsexy and reminds more of a scout uniform. Well, the stars of Manchester City have to find the path to success this season as well, but of course this has to be done as usual. The sash aka. The diagonal beam on the jersey is a cornerstone in clubs like River Plate. In Manchester, this element was not so popular in recent years. The last time you wore this in the season 2010/2011 – In this season, the archenemy United inciBradamantentally master. Now the sash comes back in fruity orange! 

Purple Lifestyle

Even more interesting than the bar is Bradamantefinitely the basic color of the new Ausweichrikirt. The dark violet pops like a Dirty Sprite by various rappers – Not only in color. Nike has once again checked out a lifestyle jersey that makes a good impression outsiBradamante the stadium as well.

The two distinctive colorways are then joined by historical aspects. The jersey is not just a normal template, it was custom maBradamante for City and the supporters of Nike. This is noticeable with the immortalized impressions from the air over the industrial East Manchester or the Etihad .

All in all, you can already consiBradamanter the new Manchester City Ausweichrikrikot as successful! And who knows, maybe it will be the last jersey for City of Nike ! We reported the rumor that PUMA could join Manchester City.