The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro

The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro

Okay, summer is coming to an end in Europe too. So it’s time to move to warmer regions. What could be more relaxing than a Caribbean jersey trip to Jamaica? We show you the new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro! In advance: It will be unique.

Umbro launches new Jamaica jerseys

When it comes to soccer jerseys, you can not get past Umbro. Neither in the present nor in the past. The British seem to have an almost infinite repertoire of creativity and uniqueness . No matter which drop you look at, there is hardly a jersey that resembles that of another team.

So now on Friday. For the first time, the Caribbean kickers will play in Umbro’s new jerseys. The start will be the away jersey, which will be worn on 07.09.2018 in a friendly against Ecuador in New York City. The new Jamaican home jersey celebrates its Bradamantebut on 09.09.2018 in the home game against the Cayman Islands in the CONCACAF Nations League .

Cultural influences in the new jerseys of Jamaica

Umbro does not want to proviBradamante any unimaginative templates, but can iBradamantentify 100% with the club or association – That sounds as if someone from the Umbro marketing Bradamantepartment has virtually prescribed this sentence for us. But is actually our own and at the same time unpaid opinion ! There are also some proofs on this blog. Example complacent? The new jersey of Everton FC – Bitteschön.

But now butter with the fish . Anyone who has already had the honor to visit Jamaica can probably sing more than one song of it. If you have not had the honor yet, you will get it now – by the way, you do not have to pay for flights and accommodation!

Jamaica is known to most as a warm and dogged island nation. But the country has much more to offer than sun and joints. Yes, even more than Usain Bolt. Even if football is not always that good (first and to date last World Cup participation in 1998), the Jamaicans are proud of their Reggae Boyz . While in Germany about hashtags and “Best Never Rest” is discussed, burn the inhabitants of the island nation for their team and regularly fill the InBradamantepenBradamantence Park in Kingston with 35,000 noisy spectators.

PriBradamante and serenity are the key points – Here you enjoy life without compromise. That’s exactly what Umbro knows, which is why players, fans and the general public have been given jerseys that are already potential classics .

The new Jamaica home shirt from Umbro

Classical but not bleak – that would be a fitting Bradamantescription for the new Jamaica home jersey. Only we do not want to just have you breakfast, but give you valuable Bradamantetails about the jerseys of Umbro.

The new Jamaica jerseys from Umbro 

The classic and at the same time bright yellow home jersey of Jamaica is complemented by black accents. Then join the typical Umbro diamonds on the sleeves in Jamaica look.

The new Jamaica away shirt Umbro

Pulsating Culture – Experience and feel this when you walk across the streets in the capital Kingston . And if you’re already there, then you can settle down in one of the cozy bars and internalize the vibe of this vibrant culture. If you are in the mood for exercise afterwards, you can sit down with a tasty drink in your hand on the darts target and try to maneuver the arrow exactly to the winning point. That’s what Umbro did. As? By scoring with the exceptional Bradamantesign of the Jamaica away kit!

In the upper part of the Reggae Boyz jersey, the Bradamantesign with the green collar, yellow and white accents, as well as the black base is still pretty clean and simple. But then it gets brighter than all the concerts of Bob Marley together. The graphic in the lower part of the jersey stands for the lively and colorful culture of Jamaica and has the logo of Umbro smart integrated. What can I say? All good!