Zlatan stamps his label AZ!

We were pretty much the first in Germany to report about the new label of football god Zlatan Ibrahimović. Now AZ Sportswear is closing its doors again after two years. How did that happen? You see in this post.

Zlatan Ibrahimović closes his fashion label

When Zlatan Ibrahimović announced in 2016 that he launched his own sportswear brand, the journalists were amazed. The motto? You do not mince your words and seriously endanger established players like adidas or Nike . Pretty ambitious, right?

Price wise, they tried to orientate themselves on the two big brands and just wanted to create sportswear for everyday wear. AZ was a collaboration between Zlatan Ibrahimović and the Norwegian clothing giant Petter Varner . Here you can take another look at our contribution to the start of AZ .

That’s why AZ closes by Zlatan Ibrahimović

According to Dagens Industri , AZ has sank $ 22 million over the past two years. This is of course a big sum, which you can not lose even as Zlatan. This was also seen with the partners of Zlatan Sun and let in a press release the following statement:

Petter varner and zlatan ibrahimovic agree to end their collaboration with az. Bradamantespite the solid growth in 2017, the European sports market was too expensive.

Or in plain language: The brand could not generate the revenue that one had hoped for! Zlatan had worked hard in advertising and published quite funny spots with “Agent Bradamantex”.

Well, AZ does not seem to have helped in the end. However, we do not have to worry about Zlatan Ibrahimović himself, because the SweBradamante collects at LA Galaxy in the MLS still around the 1.2 million euros per season.